Astral Travel 101

Who Astral Travels?

Whether they realize it or not, everyone in the world astral travels. The only difference between the mystic and common traveler is that of control. The mystic can choose both when he will enter the astral planes and his actions once he’s there. A common traveler will enter them only through the gates of his dreams, and can only watch helplessly as the dream unfolds.

What is the Astral Plane?

The astral plane is simply the spiritual parallel world that our inner selves travel to in order to get away from the limitations of our physical bodies. Some would call it “The world of dreams”. Tragically, though everyone goes to this place every single day only a few understand that it’s a world to explore, learn life changing lessons in, and create things that will manifest in this world. It was on this plane that Albert Einstein rode lightning bolts and discovered his amazing formulas.

How do I astral travel?

To knowingly enter the astral realm is quite simple. Here are the basic steps:

1. Find a place free of noise and distractions

2. Sit or lie down in the position that is the most comfortable for you (I would strongly suggest sitting over lying down simply because it’s very easy to fall asleep in this position once you’re fully relaxed).

3. Begin to deep breathe- with each breath in picture a serenity coming in and with each breath out picture darkness and negativity exiting your body and mind.

4. Once you feel calm and peaceful begin to concentrate on each part of your body starting with your toes. Breathe deep and concentrate on each part until it is fully relaxed.

5. Now that you have obtained this state visualize an energy door directly in front of you and yourself walking through it. Welcome to the astral planes!


* Never assume that all of the inhabitants of the Astral realm are friendly- though many of the different inhabitants will be willing to help, others will be ambivalent or plain hostile. Protect yourself on the astral plane by imagining defense weapons or by popping to a different location. If neither approach stops the attack pop back into your body and travel again later.

* Never leave your body unprotected whilst you are away. Prior to entering the astral door look back at your sleeping body and visualize a white light of protection around it.

* Remember that whatever you decide to do will have lasting effects on you as well as everyone else in the world. So, if you choose not to do something of benefit at least choose not to do something that will be harmful.

Climbing Again: The Mysticism of Mt Banahaw

For years, Mt. Banahaw has been the the center of mystic spirituality and beliefs in the already- superstitious country that is the Philippines. The country is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, so why is that one mountain remain more mysterious than the rest?

Mt. Banahaw is said to be the grandest of the Philippine mountains. In actuality, it is an active volcano, belonging to a volcanic group boundering the provinces of Laguna and Quezon. Right now it is part of the Banahaw-San Cristobal National Park. Its crater or caldera is called “Ilalim” and one of the chief views in this tourist destination. Some of the views along the way to the Ilalim are so beautiful, it once fueled the belief that Mt. Banahaw is the fabled paradise on earth or the legendary Garden of Eden.

Locals and many Filipinos regard this spot as a sacred mountain. For years it has been the pilgrimage of mystics, hermits, self-professed sages and even member sects of various religions in the country. During Holy Week, thousands of devotees flock to this mystic mountain to make a pilgrimage- a sort of religious vow that has to be fulfilled to gain power, luck or be washed of sins.

It has been said that Mt., Banahaw is a tourist attraction different from all other Philippine attractions; there is said of an energy field generated here that allows higher sensibilities and perception. Indeed, Mt. Banahaw has reported to be the sights of spirits and even aliens.

In visiting Banahaw, one will eventually hear of a “blessed water”. Reportedly, this water that comes from special springs in the mountain have remarkable properties, such as healing, divination and charm. Long ago, legend says that the spots to these springs have been pointed out by a blessed sage. He knew about these springs because a voice told him to seek them out. Because of these springs, the volcano was also called “vulcan de aqua”. In the eastern side of the crater, where a small lake used to be, runs two water sources- the Tubig ng Gatas (Milk Water) and Tubig ng Dugo (Blood Water). The tow are indeed both white and red and they flow down separately, meeting at the bottom.

For years Mt. Banahaw served as a rite of passage for the young men of San Cristobal and surrounding towns. They would climb the mountain to prove their manhood and return triumphantly, both sound in spirit and of mind. The mountain is complete with natural wonders, like caves, streams and waterfalls. Most of these landmarks have a story and legend behind them.

Pilgrims and Banahaw returnees would recommend climbing slowly, drinking in the sights, for in deeper contemplation one will find meaning to the scenery. There are different trails to choose from: Tatlong Tangke, Cristalino or Sariaya.

Due to all the interest that Mt. Banahaw has attracted, the government has suspended all climbing activities starting 2004. This suspension is set to be lifted this year, 2010, so perhaps once again the blessed mountain will be a haven for climbers, spiritualists and mystics. For now, enthusiasts would be still delighted to know that Banahaw’s two other peaks besides the main, the Mt. Banahaw de Lucban and the Mt. San Cristobal, are accessible and challenging climbs too.

Once Banahaw opens though, it will be ideal to hire a guide to tackle you to the more interesting and legend- riddles spots in the trail. The return after a long wait will be worth it.

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Sue Du Randt – South Africa’s Mystic Healer

Whether it’s working with the police on murdered and missing people, channeling famous people and lost loved ones or healing people, Sue Du Randt has been able to use her unusual talent to assist thousands of people in South Africa and Namibia.

Born to a conservative NGK family, Sue discovered her talent as a very young child, instantly recognizing that someone was pregnant before she was old enough to even understand the word pregnant herself. Her sight into other dimensions, her ability to talk with angels and souls that have passed on, resulted in the child scaring her family and her mother trying to beat the devils out of her. Many years passed with Sue attempting to hide and lie about her gift because of this sort of reaction from family and friends.

However, now in her fifties, Sue has been on a fifteen year path to develop the talent, much through the persuasion of her second husband Charles, who recognized her gift and encouraged her to pursue it. Now Sue is one of three world renowned mystics, consulting to detectives, assisting people with past life regressions and connecting with people on the other side, hosting her own TV show and presenting live events in Southern Africa.

I went to meet Sue at her home in Alberton to find out more about this gift and what insights she can offer the world, and I returned quite enlightened and intrigued. The first thing that you notice is her beautiful deep sky blue eyes that dance and glitter as she speaks. She speaks with honesty and sincerity, often laughing at herself in bemusement. We settled into her reading room and I started asking questions.

Sue believes that there are seven levels of heaven and that when we die we cross over to level three where we meet God, the archangels and our guardian angel. It is in this level that a council works through our lives, analyzing what we did right and wrong, and on this level that we heal. The details will all be in Sue’s book that she plans to have published next year as well as her next television series.

Sue had two near death experiences. “First I saw a beautiful light and this man stepped out of the light and he was not dressed as the God we see in the bible, he was like us and he said you need to go back because you have work to do. I didn’t know what he was talking about; I thought to myself what the heck is he talking about? I also saw the angels, they are all transparent and when they open their wings they fill up the whole room and there is like a ray coming from them with all the beautiful colours of the rainbow.

It is amazing to see. There is a softness in the room, like a beautiful love, there is no feeling like that on earth.” She didn’t know what work she still had to do, but no one passes over before their time which is why she was sent back. She wondered for years what her purpose was, but all her Guardian Angel would say was that when the time was right she would know. Then she met her husband Charles, and he helped her on her path of developing her talent.

“I married Charles about fifteen years ago, and he discovered my gift by accident. I got out of bed and was busy in the kitchen when he walked in and asked me why I was coughing and I said ‘it’s because your dad is smoking me out of the house’ and he said to me, ‘what did you say?’ and in fear I said ‘nothing’ and this ended up in a bit of an argument but we just left it. Then a few days later I ran out of bed to call my daughter in law to tell her not to get on the highway, but as I rang she had already driven out of the driveway and was involved in an accident.

Charles then asked me if I see things, and I repeatedly denied it because I didn’t want to lose him and eventually he asked me to go to church with him. I didn’t want to go because of my childhood experience where the NG Kerk had told my mother that I was from hell, but I did agree and he took me to the Spiritualist Church in Troyville. And I sat in a pew and a man came down from the platform to chat to me, and said, ‘what are you doing down here in the pews, you need to be up there on the platform, you are far more advanced than me’. So I became involved in the Spiritualist Church in Germiston and went on training there and with Charles by my side, that’s how my path in this life started.”

Sue is a mystic. It’s not the same as a psychic. She explains that a psychic picks up things from reading your body language and your energy. Sue uses clairvoyance to see things and it’s this sight that brings all sorts of people from around the country to her for assistance. She is able to locate missing items and missing people. She has worked with the police and various detectives all over the country to assist in murder cases and missing children.

Very recently she was involved in the Brett Kebble case. A private detective asked her to channel Kebble and she explained that his death was not suicide but murder; she also helped located valuable documents for the case and warned the detective to take his evidence directly to the Scorpions because of the levels of dangerous people and corruption involved. Sue says that there are only three known mystics in the world and that it is a very special and unusual gift.

One of the services that she offers is helping people find the right path in life. Many people want to know the purpose of life and she helps them find their purpose and the lessons that we are here to learn. She explains, “I had a minister that came to see me and I told him you are in the wrong place, I told him I could see him in a healing centre for children that’s trying to commit suicide, he came back a second time (I didn’t remember him) and I told him the same thing, so he went and gave up his job and started a healing centre and he is very successful today”.

I asked Sue if she could look at anyone and tell them whether they are on the right path, if she could look at me and tell me what I needed to do. She answered saying, “I can see that you need to find yourself. It looks to me that that you are not all sure who you are. I can see that once you do that you will make peace with yourself, I get the feeling that you sometimes dig dig dig because you are not sure what your purpose is but you are working in your purpose, this is what you are here for, but I can see that at a later stage you will go over to a farm, but you need to first finish this. There is no timeline on this; you will know when it is right.” I had hoped for something a little less vague, but it’s a fair enough answer. I am always searching for something.

Sue is renowned for her ability to look into a soul’s past and find problems that manifest themselves now through regressions. She links to each person’s soul to see their past lives. Through consultation with her own guide, she can link to the mystic side and work with each person’s higher soul. Many phobias and unwarranted fears are hangovers from a previous life. This regression therapy helps people because according to Sue, we never die the same way twice. So once you understand that, you know you have no need to fear certain things. Sue says that I last died in an accident and that she can also see that once I fell very far and died that way. I am quite relieved that I won’t die from falling because heights are one of my fears.

Sue believes that the lessons in life we are given, (or obstacles as she calls them) are chosen according to your soul growth and what you need to learn. We are all souls on the path to becoming angels. We will continue to reincarnate until all the lessons have been learnt and then we’ll become a guide for someone else. During her private consultations and her shows, she assists people in understanding the lessons that they are here to learn. And her live shows are very popular, especially in Namibia where audiences of 500 people are more flock to hear what she has to say. In January she will be hosting her first show in Iraq as her reputation grows across the world.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no hell and no Satan according to Sue. We are judged on level 3 when we pass over and return to earth in another life to repay past transgressions. The highest sins that you can commit on earth are murder and child rape. Those people come back as hobos and live off the ground. Homeless people generally killed for gain in a past life. You pay for what you did in each life, in the next life.

Sue has channeled some fairly high profile people for advice, one of those being the Afrikaans prophet, Siener Van Rensburg. “Van Rensburg predicted many things including Mandela coming to power, he would warn the Boers about going to war, and he tried to warn General De La Rey before going off to war. I linked to him once, he was like me, a mystic, and he could see in advance when things were going to happen. I saw the twin tower attack but I didn’t know what I was looking at, I saw those kids drowning in the Westdene Dam, I knew about a train crash here in Gauteng. With the twin towers, I saw the planes and I said to Charles ‘what are those planes going into an eleven for?’To me it looked like the number eleven.”

“I actually contacted Van Rensburg because I wanted to know what it was like when he was here and he told me he was like me, I didn’t really ask him about his predictions, I wanted to ask him how he was accepted in his family and he told me that he also had a little bit of trouble because not everyone understood him but he did warn a lot of people about things that were going to happen. He told me that he ran through the bible from front to back year after year in the beginning because he did not understand what his gift was. “

Speaking to people that have passed over is fascinating and I wanted to know exactly what it was that Sue saw and how she could see it. She explained that she actually physically sees people on the other side. She told me that I had a grandmother with me and that I look like her. She also told me that I had my grandmother’s rings and that they were very special to her and she’d like to see me wearing them sometimes. She told me that my father was with me and that he didn’t have a nice passing and that sometimes he travels in the car with me because I don’t always look where I am going. These messages brought tears to my eyes because I do have my grandmother’s precious rings and my father died a horrible death of stomach cancer, and it’s not the first time that I have been told that he travels with me in the car.

It seems so incredible that she could speak to people that I love but that have been passed on for so many years. I asked her about this and she replied, “We live in dimensions. I don’t believe in death, it’s an illusion. I don’t know why I can see through to the other dimension, I just ask for people and they arrive.” “I wish everyone could see what I can see. Let me try to explain to you, when someone is dying I get called out. About two hours before the time the roof starts changing and looks like cotton balls, all the colours of the rainbow, then in the centre of that a whirlpool develops and then I know there is an hour left, the previous members of the family and the angels come through. It is the most amazing thing to see someone come through and at the last stages an archangel comes through and spreads his wings and tucks them under the soul and gathers it to him and takes them up through the light and the moment they are through the porthole you stop breathing.”

All people have guides which Sue calls lower rank angels. And all people get a guardian angel which is your main guide that you are born with and underneath him you get angels and training angels. Sue can connect with Guardian Angels, so naturally I had to ask her about mine. “You have a man with you that comes from the 14th century which tells me that you were here for the first time in the 14th century. He wears black clothes, he has no hair but a long plat from his bald scalp, and he says his name is Hanu. He says you are a seeker and he was a seeker when he was alive the first time. He tells me that this life is the life that you will learn the most. Your soul needs to understand that you can’t change things that you want to change and that you need to accept things for what they are. He says that is your biggest challenge in this life and you are earning that for the next life, because in the next life you’ll come back to work even more intensely.”

I also asked her to tell me about my other lives and she told me that I have been back over 200 times, that in my last life I worked as a farmer with lots of intense farming and that. Sue is available for healings, past life regressions and channeling. A large majority of her clients are based overseas and consult her because of the accuracy of her work. And she still sometimes assists at the Spiritualist Churches on the East Rand. To find out more about her live shows, her future book and television show, or to book a consultation, visit her website and be prepared to be wowed.