Soul Travel-Multidimensional Existence

Soul Travel–a.k.a Astral projection (astral travel) is an interpretation of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and is one of the practices of Echanka, Religion of the Light and Sound of God. Eckankar is ancient wisdom. Its teachings, emphasize the value of personal experiences as the most natural way back to God. Whatever your religious beliefs, Eckanka shows how to look and listen within yourself–to expand your consciousness and enjoy spiritual freedom. Learning, perhaps for the first time, how to lead a happy, balanced, and productive life and put daily concerns into loving perspective. OBEs are achieved either via deep meditation, awake and aware transitions, lucid dreaming or use of psychotropics. Those who believe in Soul Travel maintain that their consciousness or soul has transferred into an astral body (or ‘double’) which moves in tandem with the physical body in a parallel world known as the astral plane.

The understanding of Soul Travel dates back to ancient China. There are two schools of thought on the nature of Soul Travel, these are defined as the mystical model and the phasing model.

The mystical model includes a variety of belief systems and astral maps, but they are tied together by their belief that Soul Travel takes place outside of the actual physical body. A more subtle energy body is believed to carry the consciousness outside of the physical body, and as one progresses to more advanced levels of the astral plane, more subtle bodies are realized and consciousness is transferred in turn to each of them. (Other mystical models assume only one subtle body.) The subtle body is attached to the physical body by means of an energetic connection which usually takes the appearance of a silver cord ‘plugging’ into the chakras like an umbilical cord. I have seen this ‘silver cord.’ It has been suggested that the cord is related to etheric projection, not astral. If the cord was associated with just astral projection, then we would see it every time we astrally projected.

The phasing model, defined by Robert Monroe, contains the belief that it is impossible to actually leave the body in the truest sense of the word, and that the astral planes and the physical world are merely points on the long spectrum of consciousness. When a person projects, they actually “phase” into another area of consciousness and the locales it contains. This can be likened to tuning a radio to another station. One of the initial signposts representing a phase shift away from physical reality has been labeled the state of focus (mind awake/body asleep). This viewpoint can be seen as a logical progression of the philosophy that external reality is actually an internally created state.

There are four types of Soul Travel:

o Unconscious–Unintentional – a person is unaware and had no intention to Soul Travel – usually during sleep or sometimes a person is awake, but seems to be absent.

o Unconscious–Intentional – a person is unaware, but had no conscious intention to Soul Travel – does not remember the experience clearly, may have some images, but has no definitive recollection.

o Conscious–Unintentional – a person is aware, but had no conscious intention to Soul Travel

o Conscious–Intentional – a person is aware of the experience and intentionally created the Soul Travel experience.

“To perceive other realities, we have to use the Inner senses–methods of perception that belong to the inner self and operate whether or not we have a physical form. The Inner Senses expand normal consciousness and allow us to become aware of our own multidimensional existence.” Seth, from The Seth material.

One of my Conscious–Unintentional Soul Travel experience occurred while mindlessly dusting. Being in nature is a passion. As I dusted I found myself standing on a path near the Bell Rock vortex in Sedona, AZ. The experience was magnificant as I was living in NJ and missed the beautiful skies full of Love, Spirit energy and awesome beauty of the red rocks jutting high into the sky in all directions.

Another Conscious–Unintentional Soul Travel experience occurred while I meditated. I saw myself looking back at myself sitting in the chair meditating.

New England America Travel Guide

If you are looking for a destination full of beautiful scenery, intriguing history and friendly people then look no further than New England in the USA. New England is a region in the northeast of America and consists of six states, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Autumn (the Fall) is an ideal time to visit when the leaves on the trees turn from green to thousands of different shades of gold, red and orange, a sight not to be missed! In the winter you can ski in the mountains and enjoy cosy fireside evenings at the inns of Cape Cod. In spring and summer New England is the place to be for hiking and biking in the mountains and around the lakes and enjoying the beautiful beaches.

Dining out in New England is an experience in itself. Seafood is a specialty in coastal regions, especially lobster and clambakes, not to be missed on your direct holidays to America.

Places of Interest

Here you can explore a replica of the Mayflower II where actors re-enact the lives of the pilgrims. Just outside Plymouth is another replica, Plymouth Plantation where you can see what life was like for both settlers and Native Americans.

Rhode Island
This is the smallest state of the USA but is home to a fifth of the country’s historic landmarks.

Explore the history of sea trading and smuggling here in the world’s yachting capital. Newport became a colony in 1639 and is famous for privateering and the ‘triangle trade’ of slaves, rum and molasses. Today visitors can enjoy gazing at the expensive yachts in the harbour whilst sipping a cocktail in one of the waterfront restaurants and bars.

Located just up the coast from Boston, Salem is full of beautiful buildings and the Salem Witch Museum which is dedicated to the infamous witch trials which were held here in 1692. Although this is the main attraction here there are other museums relating to early colonial life and there is also the Peabody Essex Museum which showcases local and international art and culture.

Cape Cod
Once a major shipbuilding and whaling centre, Falmouth is now a typical picturesque Cape town. This is where the Pilgrims made a stop. It is said that they were terrified of the huge lobsters and refused to eat them but were amazed by the gigantic cod. The Cape has glorious beaches, including the huge National Seashore, quaint fishing villages and rural inland areas where you will find village greens complete with duck ponds! Catch a ferry from Falmouth harbour to visit Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

New Hampshire and Vermont
Here you will find rolling mountains with forests, charming villages and winding country lanes just waiting to be explored.

Wandering around the 200 acres of rolling fields with ponds and ancient trees, you will feel as if you have been transported back to New England in the 1800’s. Actors in period costumes demonstrate their crafts, cooking and farming methods whilst eerily telling you about their lives in days gone by.

Once homes of the 19th century millionaires from Boston and New York, these historic mansions here are now museums, inns and performing venues. Two of the best to visit are The Mount with amazing interiors designed by the novelist Edith Wharton and Chesterwood which has absolutely beautiful gardens.

If you are looking for some of Americas best seafood then look no further than the rugged coastline of Maine. Here you will find fishing communities complete with lobster pounds and lighthouses.

Once a major granite shipper, Rockport now attracts visitors who want to sunbathe on the rocks and beaches, walk along the coastline, whale watch and wander through the honeysuckle woods. Rockport is also home to Thatcher Island which has two lighthouses, Halibut Point State Park and a number of art galleries and quirky shops.

Built around the mouth of the Mystic River, the town was once a whaling and fishing community. Today visitors can learn about the local trades and crafts from costumed guides at the Mystic Seaport Museum.

Steeped in history and culture, New England is the ideal destination for family holidays to America as there is something of interest for everyone.

Sufi Mysticism and World Sickness

Q: While on the Sufi mystical path, what exactly is it you learn? How is this learning different than other learning?

From the mystical perspective, the physical world or world of forms is supported by the world of spirit. The physical world is an extension of this unseen, spiritual world and the physical exists so humanity can fulfill their individual higher destiny. Each traveler enters the world of physical forms for many reasons. Yet each reason is connected to the higher destiny, and the traveler ‘fumbles around in the dark’ unless he or she learns to connect with the Higher Reality. The ladder which has been extended is religious teaching and spiritual learning. The mystical path and spiritual learning is the inner heart of religious teaching. On an inner, spiritual level, all the great religions are one.

World Sickness

According to the mystic, humanity suffers from ‘world sickness’ and mystical teaching exists to help provide the cure and help the traveler see reality. Most people live their entire lives attached to ideas, possessions and other people. These things to the exclusion of others fill their consciousness. While it is good to be concerned about the things of the world and involved in making things betters for others, there is a point where this investment leads you away from the higher, lasting reality. A balance must be maintained between the physical and spiritual.

In this endeavor, it is a matter of degree and attitude. With the proper guidance the traveler learns to participate in the world and withdraw attachment from the world, inwardly. While the traveler may go to work everyday, work hard and try to help others, a part must remain ‘sacred’ and attached to the Light.

World View

For most people, their world view is composed of preconceived ideas, beliefs and emotional reactions to situations. Part of the purpose of any culture or society is to formulate a set of guiding principles, which are taught to its member who then form an affinity with these beliefs: guiding to a large degree their daily life.

Over time, these beliefs and principles, if the culture or society is to thrive, grow stronger and become operating principles. Rarely are these operating principles challenged by the people who follow them. Yet these beliefs are subject to deterioration and ‘hardening;’ failing to be updated as necessary. Also some of these beliefs may have been instituted as a way to control others or limit the potential of specific groups. When this is done it is rarely stated that this is a driving principle.

From the mystical or spiritual perspective, it is precisely this set of operating principles which needs to be pushed aside or suspended momentarily to let other ideas and impacts in. Most often it is this everyday, conditioned self that is the door and stands in the way of seeing what is actually in front of you, and prevents the higher, spiritual impulse from being perceived.

Beyond Everyday Assumptions

Gradually the spiritual traveler learns to examine assumptions, in order to see exactly what is present, not what is believed to be present. By temporarily suspending the conditioned, everyday self, the traveler learns to see the reality of the situation and what is beyond the situation.

In order to do this, one has to understand when ideas and beliefs have been engineered (indoctrinated) or when they are inherent to your higher needs and the needs of others. Keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with having a specific view and looking at events in a particular way. This view becomes a hindrance only when it prevents other things from operating, or you do not find it adequately explains how you look at the world and feel. Part of you knows, there must be something more; a higher spiritual reality.

Within the framework of religious teaching, we find many systems that state we are the only true path; striving to impose their will/view on others. Yet other paths exist. In this situation, is it a matter of indoctrination or belief; as opposed to not seeing the true, higher potential of the situation?

As a spiritual traveler, learn to go beyond your everyday assumptions; True Reality is waiting inside you.