Why Do Some North African Regions Often Practice the Sufism Mystical Version of Islam?

Have you ever wondered why certain regions of the world tend to grab onto certain religious beliefs, or why certain sects of a large religion take hold in certain regions of our planet? Well, recently when doing a little back-ground research on Islam, I noted Sufism as a rather peculiar offshoot, in that it has mystical overtones. So, why has this branch of Islam survived while so many other offshoots have not?

Well, let’s put on our thinking caps and consider this if we might. First, I find it of interest that it has taken hold in Morocco and other places due to its ability to tap into the naturally “mystic” beliefs of that region of the world. My thinking is that the bacteria in the sand in those regions has hallucinogenic effects on the mind when mixed with lack of water, dehydration, heat, and fasting or lack of food in various seasons.

Also, folks of that region do seek altered states of mind using various substances, drugs, etc. When discussing this with an acquaintance they suggested that perhaps if could be due to the Earth’s geo-magnetic strength in certain regions? Hmm, that is a very intriguing thought as well, so let’s veer off on a tangent and consider this. Why you ask? Well, because we know many Indian tribes around the world smoke various substances, take drugs, and have their own mystical religious ideas, rituals, and customs. So, this is actually a plausible explanation, although some might consider it somewhat far-fetched when it comes to the Sufism Mystical branch of Islam.

Geo-magnetic strength you say, surely you jest? No, actually let’s consider this. You see, maybe, as there are issues to this around the globe in various places, and when you put a human mind which is an electro-magnetic device in a magnetic field, it does alter thinking, I know this for a fact, having traveled in an RV for a number of years, I inside under the satellite internet antenna while it was powered up, even with a steel plate shielding the magnetic field did show up in digital pictures.

Indeed, I would sit under this antenna doing my writing, preparing articles, like this one. Now then, I wonder if today with all of the cell towers everywhere, and all the WiFi and electronic devices just how much it is effecting the human brains and if it is a net-negative or a net-positive, could be some of both. Also, it just might slightly alter one’s thinking, so the geo-magnetic concept could play at least a part in why Sufism or other mystical religions have done well in certain areas. Personally, as a non-religious person, I find this line of inquiry rather intriguing myself.

I hope you have enjoyed this thought, and will please consider it, and think on it.